The Home Watchers

Leave Your Home In Good Hands

While you’re wintering in a warmer climate, traveling, or managing a rental property, do you have someone who is trustworthy and reliable to check on your home?

What Drives Us

  • To become your professional advocate, making your home a priority, monitoring its condition and meeting with contractors when/if necessary.

  • To allow you to enjoy your time away from our harsh New England winters.

  • To support absent homeowners, who are either traveling for business, or in need of rental property checks.

  • To conveniently minimize stress and maximize your peace of mind while you're away and your home is vacant.

Who We Are

  • A local, family owned business offering a wide variety of house watch services in southern New Hampshire.

  • Services include scheduled, visual inspection of your home for any obvious exterior or interior issues with summary reports, as you winter in warmer climates.

  • Providing peace of mind through reliable and trustworthy care for your home.

  • For your added confidence and trust, we are licensed, bonded, insured and an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association.

What We Do

  • Conduct inspections of your property, as often as you'd like - most common are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly checks.

  • We look for obvious issues that can escalate and become very costly if neglected.

  • You receive detailed reporting after each visit with photos, time stamps via our HomeWatchIT software.

  • We mitigate risk and potentially minimize significant out-of-pocket expense related to problems that can go undetected for long periods of time.

Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Why Choose Home Watch

  • A more reliable and trustworthy alternative than relying on friends, relatives, house sitters or technology to “watch things” while you are away.

  • Empty homes are much more likely to have undiscovered issues than homes that are being tended to.

  • Some insurance companies are raising insurance rates and even cancelling the policies of part-time residents and absentee homeowners.

  • Normal preventative maintenance and inspections of the property and inside the residence should be performed on a regularly scheduled basis.

Why Choose A Member of The National Home Watch Association?

  • Members are fully insured, bonded and licensed.

  • The NHWA vets its members and their employees by performing thorough background checks.

  • Members operate according to the NHWA’s Best Practices, which have been developed in order to provide consistent inspections and accurate reporting to our clients.